When discussing what to do for their session, Joy suggested that her and Ty wanted to go for a walk in the Metro Parks, with their big puppy Bosley - he is so awesome! Needless to say Dave and I couldn't wait for this session.

We love couples that know how to have fun and can easily laugh at each other. Joy and Ty were no exception to this, which is evident in the head shots. It was great spending time with you guys, and Bosley. We can't wait for your wedding on the 1st.

I normally don't ask people to leave comments but today is a special day... Joy's birthday. So leave some birthday wishes for Joy at the end of this post if you'd like. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOY!!!

I wanted to try something a little different with the headshots. I decided to throw out some words and see what kind of expressions Joy and Ty would come up with. The words used for this set were - cocky, terrified, goofy, and Bosley - in the order shown. Apparently nothing scares Joy....

Smitten. I love how they had the same expression, except Ty took it up a notch.